Binge Worthy for January 2021

Besides watching a lot of college football over the holidays (OK, Darian watched a lot of football over the holidays), we binged watched several new and not-so-new shows on the “internet streaming machine.” There are so many that we hear about sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

Here are our top three shows to binge watch for January 2021. We’ve also become a fan of the documentary, so we’ll be sharing some of our favorites soon.

Death to 2020

Who knew there was such a thing, but we watched a “mocumentary” the other night and literally “LOL”. Death to 2020 is a comedy that featured a series of fictional characters discussing US and UK events of 2020 including the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. Election. It may offend some, but we got a kick out of it.

The Queen’s Gambit

Who wouldn’t love to watch a show about a drug addicted, coming-of-age, chess prodigy? Before you judge, it really is a well acted, must see story. We’re almost done watching it, and we’re loving it.

The Mandalorian (Season Two)

Raise your hand if you’re a Star Wars fan? Even if you’re not, we think you’ll appreciate the storyline about a bounty hunter and his small green friend.. which I’m sure you’ve see on social media, “Baby Yoda”. Before jumping into season two, you’ll need to binge watch season one to get up to speed.

So tell us what you’re watching?

Share your binge worthy shows with us in the “Reply Section” on this page, and we’ll add it our list! We’re always interested in what others are watching.

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